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Y Berllan, Red Wharf Bay

Y Berllan, is beautifully positioned a short distance from the sea at Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey. Our clients came to us having bought a seventies bungalow on a large mature plot, with a dilapidated double garage. There initial brief was for a single storey extension to the gable end of the property which would have made it a very long property with lots of corridor space.

Our inspiration for this site came from New England and we began by suggesting that we raise the roof to provide the necessary additional accommodation, with some minor alteration works to the ground floor to facilitate the staircase, Utility and Bathroom alterations. Our proposal and the choice of finishes both inside and out has transformed the site and it is a beautiful and now contemporary property in a stunning setting.

As part of the overall scheme the existing dilapidated garage was demolished and replaced with a two storey 3 car timber framed and clad garage with storage above. This work was completed ahead of the main dwelling alterations.