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Domestic Sprinklers in Wales 1st January 2016

From January 1st 2016, All new domestic properties in Wales will require the installation of a domestic sprinkler system. This also includes domestic properties created from a material change of use. see link below for further information about Domestic Sprinkler systems in Wales


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While sprinklers have been used for the protection of property such as mills, factories, warehouses and department stores for more than 140 years. There is now a growing recognition of their effectiveness in improving levels of life safety in other types of buildings. The Building Regulations (in England and Wales) and the Technical Handbooks of Scottish Building Standards both incorporate clear recognition of the value of sprinklers in improving levels of safety for occupants as well as in preventing the spread of fire. Other developments have demonstrated the value of sprinklers in providing additional levels of safety for fire fighters in large, complex structures or in buildings where the fire load is excessive. With the incorporation of the latest fast-response sprinkler heads there is clear evidence that, even in the compartment of origin of a fire, occupants of sprinklered buildings enjoy a significant additional measure of life safety.